Brouwerij Huyghe
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Welcome to Brewery Huyghe

350.000 hectolitres

The hypermodern brewery hall (krones) of brouwerij huyghe has a capacity of 350,000 hectolitres and has:

Five brew kettles including a mash tun of raw grains (78hl), a mash tun for malt (142hl), a buffer tank (189hl), a cooker (224hl) and a whirlpool (202hl).

The latest filtration technology in the brewing hall (meura junior 2001).

Yeast and Sugar dosage

A yeast and sugar dosage in the line.

New water wells (reduce use of mains water).

Insulated steam boilers and steam pipes.

Air-cooled co2 heaters in the compressor room.

Five sugar tanks.

Two blowers on the wastewater purification plant.

Water purification via membrane filtration.


GEA Centrifuge with a capacity of 200hl / hour

PAL filtration "High gravity" with venting water

GEA Flash pasteurization


Bright Beer tanks


10 x 650hl, 8 x 450hl, 5 x 100hl

The Brewery fermentes its beers for 6 to 8 weeks.

Twelve cylindroconic yeast and bearing tanks from 100Hl to 1,200HL each.

An automatic CIP (Cleaning In Place).

An automatic yeast propagator.

High-efficiency cooling compressors.


Bottling line 

A highly efficient bottle line of 20,000 bottles per hour built by "Krones"

With the possibility of filling 25cl, 33cl (Apo or steiny), 75cl (Bièresbelges)

A tunnel pasteurisation machine.

Industrial automation (procat).

Electric cabling and lighting (francis tytgat).

Keg line

An ultra-modern Keg line built by the Belgian company Lambrechts.

Capacity of 240 barrels per hour.

With a monobloc of 80 fill and wash units


100% green energy

Our own solar panels provide us with 18% energy

With an 82% provided by Engie Belgian wind energie


Visit our museum

Sample Brewery Huyghe’s rich beer history in our beer museum. Discover the origins of our 9 beers and submerge yourself in our passion for brewing. We are currently working on a new experience centre that will open its doors in 2020. We are looking forward to greeting you!

Visit our brewery



Since 2012, over €35 million has been invested in, amongst others, a new brewing hall, new filtration units, a new steam boiler, new refrigeration compressors, a new barrel line, a new water purification installation and bottling plant. Thanks to all these investments and in spite of a continuous volume increase, the brewery has succeeded in substantially reducing its (raw materials) consumption. The brewery has also made huge efforts in terms of waste reduction and processing.

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